New iPhone and AppleTV

Apple Inc.

Steve Jobs kicked-off Macworld Conference & Expo 2007 with a keynote address from San Francisco’s Moscone West and presented a couple of new products for the newly renamed Apple Inc. :
iPhone and the AppleTV.

Lets learn a little more about these new toys.


iPhone combines 3 products:
– A mobile phone
– A widescreen iPod
– A device with email, web browsing, maps, and searching
All that into one small and lightweight handheld device.
It also has a brand new touch screen interface working with OS X. Im not sure what to think about this feature. Im kind of curious to see how easy it will be to use. It looks simple enough. My main concern would be the screen. A phone is a device you carry around with you, in your hand or your pocket. I hope the screen is made of durable material that can take the punishment a mobile phone usually gets.

There are a few new features that look very useful. Like Visual Voice Mail, that lets you choose which message you wanna listen to using an email-like interface. By running OS X, Apple was able to bring a lot of the Widgets and Internet Browser (Safary) we’re used to on the Mac… nice!

Battery life… thats important on a mobile device. The iPhone has 5 hours of phone use, 16 of Music play. Not sure how this will play on actual use, but Im hoping is enough. I dont wanna have to be charging it every couple of hours.

The iPhone will start shipping be June. Price starting at $499 for the 4G.

Apple TV

Now you can have all your media and view it from your living room.
AppleTV connects wirelessly to your home network. It accesses your media like iTunes for Video and Music, and iPhoto for your Photographs. It also conects to the internet enabling you to stream media like Movie Trailes. You can sync it to one computer to update automatically any new media you upload of buy from iTunes. And you can stream media from up to 5 computers.

I’ve always been one to believe that soon you’ll have all your media in one place, including internet browsing, right there on your living room. This is a step closer to that end.

The AppleTV ships in February but you can pre-order it at the Apple Store. 40GB hard drive for up to 50 hours video for $299.

This is a huge step for Apple Inc. Lets see how all this develops. And if anyone gets their hands on one of these new toys, share your thoughts with us.

Check it
Watch the Keynote Address


10 Responses to New iPhone and AppleTV

  1. T. says:

    Good stuff! good post! i want an iPhone too…

  2. Ryan C. says:

    Good info and review, T. These are some great products. I just can’t wait until the day when Apple makes a car that runs on Os X. I love Os X, it’s very user-friendly. Overall, 2 great new products, but you forgot to mention the 3rd new product from Apple – and that’s the new Airport Extreme Base Station. This is a wireless router that runs on the new 802.11n wireless technology. Anyway, look into it –

    I’m a mac user, so this is good news for me. Thanks.

  3. 1ndigo says:

    Thanx Ryan… ur not a mac user, ur a nerd.
    and so am I. nerds unite!!!
    well, maybe later. After my procastinator meeting.

    That New Airport is exactly what u need to use your AppleTV wirelessly.

  4. 1ndigo says:

    I also forgot to mention…
    You can always find great info and details on these products and developments on ENGADGET.

    And of course, here at inkDrop we’ll keep dropping the goodies

  5. T. says:

    I really like Mac products but I can’t get used their Computer Systems or OSX… but i’ll try not to rant about what i like and don’t like.

  6. H says:

    this iPhone looks amazing.. all i can say is WOW! 😉 . i so need to get me one a those

  7. Simplicity says:

    b doe…de iphone…dat getting buy…gotta check dat out…like i wud fuck dat if i cud…das how attractive de thing is in terms of features

  8. 1ndigo says:

    dood… i was watching the IPhone Demo videos
    Thats gonna be a great toy mon.
    love the interface

  9. diesel says:

    Will the iPhone be able to stream music from the itv? Something similar to location free and the PSP?

  10. […] peeps, lets get our thumbs ready and beging training. As you know Apple’s iPhone will be available to the masses tomorrow at 6PM. So I’m pretty sure that the nerds people […]

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