BLEACH: Memories of Nobody

Memories of Nobody

I found this while trying to dig up if the fillers are over or not. Seems to be a movie set to release sometime this month in Japan. I can’t wait for a sub and if anyone has info on if the fillers are ending give me a heads up.

If you can read Japanese – Heres the Movie Site.

DVD Released in Japan & Bleach Memories of Nobody subbed link


80 Responses to BLEACH: Memories of Nobody

  1. 1ndigo says:

    Ok ok… I couldnt resisit. I had to show off my Bleach Figures. i got them last nite at a Sushi place near my house. Then T. told me about the post he was working on and I had to put a pic up of my new toys… ^_^

    We were tryn to work with a SWF header for the post, but it wasnt woking… booo
    So were using this image in the mean time.

  2. T. says:

    Ya flash + WP = Failed…
    Awesome Characters!

  3. Rodney says:

    Nice finally something to look forward 2 … 2007 is goin’ to be a good year to naruto and bleach btw 1ndigo love ur toys lol

  4. 1ndigo says:

    Thank you thank you…
    i love them too.
    I need to get some REAL TOYS tho.


  5. 1ndigo says:

    There showing a BLEACH marathon @ adultswim
    Its cool to go back and see the 1st eps again

    Yo T.
    Make sure to let us know when the Movie is up for grabs

  6. T. says:

    I think it was released in movie theaters across Japan. I think we are going to have to wait for it to come out on DVD for a sub 😦

  7. That one Guy says:

    Episode 109 is scheduled to be the last of the fillers for Bleach. Also, if anyone knows when the movie is subbed, e-mail me at

  8. Aeil says:

    the fillers are over… finally….

  9. edgar says:

    please i need help can anybody tell me if bleach the movie is going to be subbed soon or a website where i can download it you can send me a email at its been out for a while so i would think that our very respected db guys would have subbed it already please help me

  10. T. says:

    from my knowledge of full anime movies the subbers usually wait till its out on dvd to sub it, i’m not sure why.

  11. Violent Jay says:

    thats because they freakin wait till its out on vid so that they don’t have to sub it themselves, they just rip it subbed from the dvd. fuckin lazy ass bastards!

  12. Violent Jay says:

    btw if ne1 wants to watch it unsubbed u can go here…
    Bleach Memories of Nobody raw part1:
    All the rest of the parts:

  13. T. says:

    Tons of Raws no subs 😦

  14. Violent Jay says:

    i kno i kno, it was all i could find. i h8 youtube subbers.

  15. Violent Jay says:

    they’re lazy

  16. Lamel says:

    youtube doesnt have any subbers:P, the groups are jus waiting for the actual DVD of the bleach movie to be released so we can have it looking all sexy and stuff:D

  17. ryu says:

    It still hasnt been subbed

  18. lonedriger says:

    They wait for the dvds before subbing not cause thy’re lazy but cause thats the only way, unless they set up a cam at some cinema in japan it is impossible to get it. get your facts right. The dvd in question is in japanese anyway so what makes them lazy. Please do not insult people who are working their arse off trying to help us get this stuff for free

  19. Ravencock says:

    DB people are slow and lame. There are tons of better subbers out there. The only reason they are popular is because of Naruto. Fuck them assholes.

  20. lcf marseille says:

    if you are not happy about db sub,you just to do it alone !!!! because I think you ‘r really great as subber,i said I think because you seems to say that you can do better !

  21. DB rules!!!:P says:

    how can you call a subbing group lazy why would you waste time subbing a crappy raw recorded from a cinema it just makes it hard to follow whats going on in the screen and read whats going on as its all blurry and crap where as a DVD version is high quality and the subs are in high quality so you can quickly read and see whats going on in ease pluss it looks better

    o and if you have a problem with sumthing keep it to yourself wernt you ever taught if you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all


    p.s if you really think that they are slow and lame are you on drugs the shows are aired in japan and then under 24 hours later they are ready for your viewing pleasure id really like to see you do it quicker

    ok rant over

  22. T. says:

    Agreed, if you don’t like the sub speed learn Japanese.

  23. DB rules!!!:P says:

    just curious does anyone have any clue of the release date for this dvd naruto was released after bleach movie wasnt it and thats out on dvd already (not as good as first one or the second one but not giving nothing away)


  24. T. says:

    Hmm… not sure, ill definitely post the info as soon as I got it.

  25. shendelzare says:

    maybe becoz they’re not authorized to release a subbed version of it?

    btw, does anyone know if a there’s a subbed subbed version of the 3rd Naruto Movie? i’m not sure if this file i’m downloading is the subbed one..

  26. Katsumi says:

    Wouldn’t exactly call the subber’s lazy.
    Most of them do it without getting paid for it. (Donations they ask for usually go for keeping up bandwidth)
    And even if they subbed some poor quality sneakcaptured version of a movie from the cinema, lots of people would still get pissed because of poor quality.
    People who don’t want to pay for the dvd should apreciate that they do it at all.

  27. ginko says:

    Named subgroup released the third naruto movie just a few days ago. A few cool fights but maan I miss their shippuuden appearance!

  28. Lamel says:

    can some1 jus let us know when the dvd is coming out for bleach movie, that way we would have an idea for when the sub is out

  29. edgar says:

    hey you can download naruto the movie 3 at this site for free through megaupload, then just scroll down and click on the naruto part the rest you can pretty much figure it out your self

  30. Hallers says:

    um naruto 3 the movie is out on the DB site full quality. You can jus download it from there

  31. Tuan the eager boy waiting for bleach movie to come out! says:

    Sigh… With all the advanced technology they have over in japan, why cant they bootleg a damn movie as good as the americans? And why cant the americans create awesome animes like the japanese does? Ahhhhhhh when the f*** does the sub come out? Geez!

  32. Rob says:

    They wait until the dvd comes out not because they are lazy but for the simple reason that if you’ve seen any of the raws they are crap. they all are like recorded with cellphones or small video recorders. there is no point in working hard for several hours to sub a piece of s***. you can watch the raws if you want and if you know japanese but otherwise ill wait and i can’t blame Db or anyone for not subbing the ones that are out now

  33. kaykay says:

    wat is db

  34. Tuan the eager boy waiting for bleach movie to come out! says:

    Atleast in america when we record in the movie theater it looks better than this crap. Damn i thought black people talked loud in the movies, but in the one i saw the Japanese were loud as hell!

  35. Lmao says:

    rofl,tbh i been to many theaters and i never heard a black person speak outloud or laugh out loud.

    U must live in the north???

  36. Tuan says:

    nope! i live in texas!

  37. Tuan says:

    Spoiler: If you guys watched the trailer. U notice that any other shinigami does not have a red thing wrapped around their robe, except Ichigo and the new chick in the new movie! she has some kind of red ribbon and Ichigo has that red bead thing around his shoulder. Maybe theres some kind of connection? Would anyone care to elaborate?

  38. Tuan says:

    I also have another question! If Ichigo’s father is also a shinigami, who do u think is stronger???? and if his father is, why hasnt he trained him for the arrancar?

  39. T. says:

    good observation..maybe shes a “temporary” shinigami also.

    & i think ichigo is stronger than his dad, but i didn’t think his dad wants him to know hes a shinigami dunno why tho.

    I cant Wait for the movie to come out!

  40. Trove says:

    The Japanese Bleach movie website announced that TOHO will open a second Bleach movie nationwide in Japan in December of 2007. The first movie, Bleach: Memories of Nobody, opened on December 16, 2006 and will come out on Japanese DVD on September 5, 2007.

  41. coop says:

    kaykay Says:

    June 1st, 2007 at 7:20 pm
    wat is db

    kay kay dunno if you got an answer sumwhere else but incase anyone else is wondering db is short for dattebayo they are a anime sub group who do very high quality and almost perfect translations of naruto and bleach in under 24 hours and u p on their site ready to be downloaded
    i dont no if im alowed to put in website on here as im new to this page but go to google and type in Dattebayo Fansubs its the top one on the list but if you decide to download from them like they ask do not use azerus as it makes it hard for thier tracker to keep track on how many people have what file and if you do use it they will bann your ip address

    chris (same guys as DB RULES)

    ps bugger trove i was about to say that its out in september:( o well cant wait now gonna be jumping all over me room god im so imature for a 21 year old

  42. 1ndigo says:

    thanx coop
    no problem with links as far as they are related to the topic, and its not spam or porn…

    ANYWAY… heres the link to DB


  43. […] Update: A second Bleach movie will be premiering in Japan in December 2007. And Bleach: Memories of Nobody will be released on DVD September 5th, […]

  44. Tuan says:

    wow! another movie? holy shiznit! Does anyone know the title? or is there a trailer? tell me tell me tell me!

  45. Tuan says:

    Also does anyone want to start a forum for Iron Man the Movie? Gonna be badass. and halo the movie? or Gears of War movie?

  46. Tuan says:

    O yeah i believe u mean 3rd movie? becuz the first one was Bleach the movie “Sword Frenzy”, 2nd is the memories of nobody. then a third one coming out in dec 2007 right?

  47. T. says:

    Tuan, i didnt even know there was a first bleach movie, How was it?
    and also if you search our movies Tag on the site you will find Iron man and Gears of War movie if you want to comment on that.

  48. T. says:

    Tuan, Check out a new Anime called Claymore so its pretty good and also Devil May Cry has a new anime.

  49. Tuan says:

    iono if i can say this, but u can probably watch the first bleach movie at Just type in Bleach Sword Frenzy!

  50. T. says:

    Tuan, thanks for that link i just watched it. It was pretty good Rather short though.

  51. Crusadin says:

    The Sealed Sword Frenzy was a OVA dude..not a movie

  52. Tuan says:

    iono… When i typed it into google it said it was the first movie. iono. maybe im wrong. :D-

  53. doodoodoo says:

    if u watched sealed sword frenzy its obviously not a movie
    i mean cmon its only 30 minutes tats like a little longer than a single episode.

  54. Rage says:

    The new movie is called Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion.

    Here’s a quick plot summary I saw on wikipedia:

    When an artifact known as the “King’s Seal” is stolen during transport from Soul Society, Tōshirō Hitsugaya is assigned to retrieve it. Tōshirō goes missing after a battle with the thieves, leading Seireitei to suspect him of treachery. They order his immediate capture and execution. Unwilling to believe him capable of such a crime, Ichigo Kurosaki, Rangiku Matsumoto, Rukia Kuchiki, and Renji Abarai set out to find Tōshirō and clear his name. Meanwhile, Tōshirō is still searching for the thieves, and stumbles upon a dark secret involving a shinigami long since dead.

    (This will could change and be updated constantly right up until release December 22)

    Only just over a month to go before we get a subbed version of Movie 1!! Sweeeet!

  55. Tuan says:

    This is kinda long: sorry 😀

    i wonder if there is another level after BANKAI! And when are we gonna see the KING of soul society! If any of you guys read the manga you will know that it will be a long ass time until anything good really happens! They probably wont beat aizen for like another year and a half from now! sigh*** He’ll just be sitting in a chair until every last arrancar dies, which is like over a hundred of them! Also if bankai and his ability to change into a hollow form is the limit of everyone, its pretty much that after aizen is dead the anime would be over!

    EVENTS I WANT TO SEE HAPPEN IN THE ANIME (hey T is you want to make a forum for any of theses, plz be my guest!)

    1. I want to see Ichigo choose between Orihime or Rukia ( plz dont tell me that rukia will end up with Renji)
    2. I want to see Ichigo’s father’s real power and his past!
    3. I want to see the king of soul society
    4. I want to see all the captains lives or past before they died and became shinigami.
    5. I want Kenpachi Zaraki do BAN-FREAKIN-KAI!
    6. I want Ichigo to become a Captain himself!
    7. I want to see the Captain Commander fight and not blank out on his true power, also he should train Ichigo!
    UMM… i guess thats all on my mind, but i cant wait either for the movie to come out! man im so bored im rewatching all the episodes to study it closer!

  56. Tuan says:

    Im such a nerd

  57. T. says:

    Tuan good points i’ll comment on these..

    2. I want to see Ichigo’s father’s real power and his past! & 4. I want to see all the captains lives or past before they died and became shinigami.

    Agreed! why don’t they make that into filler episodes instead of the crap they are showing these past weeks.

    3. I want to see the king of soul society


    5. I want Kenpachi Zaraki do BAN-FREAKIN-KAI!

    or at least learn the name of his Zanpaktou

  58. CrossEyed says:

    It is actually rumored that Ichigo’s father is the king of the soul society and once the key opens the door it will in fact lead to the very city destroyed to create it. Watch ep 42 or 41 or 43 I think it was 42 where they lead you to believe that Ichigo is like someone in the soul society.

  59. T. says:

    Hmm… i have to check that out tonight

  60. Lamel says:

    hmmm, interesting topics..arise..

  61. Lamel says:

    and it wouldnt suprised me if ichigo’s dad actually trained aizen

  62. Mario says:

    Or maybe, Aizen hypnotized Ichigo’s Dad into think he was the one doing the training o_0

  63. Tuan says:

    Im intrigued! but before i express my opinion on this topic, i would i like to know where u got this hypothesis. I think Ichigo’s dad is just like the manager guy who was banned from soul society and fell in love with ichigo’s mom! that which makes ichigo have shinigami! or maybe ichigo’s mom was some wierd specie or hollow.

  64. Lamel says:

    ichigo mom is normal human, if she was weird like the quincies…grand fisher, wouldve gotten his ass kicked..wouldnt he not? lets jus leave it..ichigo’s dad..issa…bad ass..and ishida’s dad….issa bad ass, plus if u were watching closely..the only 3 ppl that wouldve given ulquuira and yammy probs in the real world, were supposed to be, urahara, ichigo and youichiri…scuse my spelling, and all 3 turned up…and the arrancar…ran away…..but the point at hand is…THE BLEACH MOVIE 1 DVD, WHERE ARE UUUUUU?!?!?!?!!?!

  65. Tuan says:

    remember it comes out on sept 5! so just 3 more weeks

  66. Tuan says:

    dude T you should read this! this is about the uchiha clan history, iono if you read this yet but it is a really good read!

  67. Nihility says:

    It’s the Japanese dvd release date for the Bleach movie “Memories of Nobody”. Anyone have a educated guess as too how long before it’s fan subbed?

  68. 1ndigo says:

    Thats right, the DVD was released today

    I dont think it will take too long b4 the subbers take over and turn around a Subbed version for us to enjoy.

    We’ll keep you posted

  69. Unknown? says:

    I’ve been reading all this and i want to say that.

    I don’t think ichigo’s dad is the king of soul society and that rumour is fake

    I think Zaraki has a zanpakutou release sooner or later

    Sealed Sword Frenzy is NOT a movie ;]

  70. joe says:

    a subbed version is currently been uploaded at warez-bb should be up in a few hours.
    thanks to shizka

  71. 1ndigo says:

    that link is the same as DatteBayo’s link on the post.

    Im pretty sure now there will be plenty link going around
    thanx Lamel

  72. Arrow says:

    For those would like to download the movie Bleach Memories of Nobody with English Sub, Here is the link (AVI files)


  73. Arrow says:

    Forgot to mention, joint the files with HJsplit, TQ

  74. shusha says: just scroll down, this is if u dont want to download it

  75. Nihility says:

    The new bleach movie Diamond Dust Rebellion will be out in Japanese theaters on 12/22. Here’s some info on the new movie

  76. Anchor1 says:


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