Digg.com Updated!


Digg launched a huge update to the “ever-so-popular” user-driven, social content website. If you aren’t familiar with Digg, it’s a site where you can submit stuff, such as an article from Our Blog (wink), for others in the community to see. Once submitted, you can then choose to ‘digg’ the article; the more diggs, the more popular the posts become, and in the end only the most interesting articles find their way to the top.

Also, Digg has some really nice features: Digg Spy– this is where all traffic to the site is updated in real time, and even cooler, in the Digg Labs Area, there is the ‘Swarm and Stack’, which is an awesome Flash GUI. Digg Swarm draws a circle for stories as they’re dugg, while Digg Stack shows diggs occurring in real time on up to 100 stories at once. Stop wasting time here and go take a look!


2 Responses to Digg.com Updated!

  1. Izeya says:

    Digg is reeaal cool. its pretty captivating also.. the swarm and stack features tho are rel nice.. keeps u very up-to-date on stuff. start digg-ing!!!!!!!!!!

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