Optimus-103 Keyboard

Optimus 103

The famous LCD Optimus keyboard is supposedly ready for for its Spring 2007 launch! Downside is the $1200 price tag. This keyboard has been a work in progress for the the Art.lebedev design studio for awhile boasting 103 lcd keys which change depending on the application you are in.

On another note, aside from being pretty slick industrial designers, this Russian based design studio is also an amazing web/design studio so check em out.

Optimus Screenshots
Art.lebedev Studios


4 Responses to Optimus-103 Keyboard

  1. Ryan C says:

    That is awesome. I need something like that. I guess I have to work and save for about a year, at the rate I’m going.

  2. good blog is dead blog:-)

  3. […] an interesting “piggy bank” from the same guys that created the ever so delayed Optimus-103 Keyboard at Art Lebedev Studios. Its a bomb shaped “money box” that comes with a white permanent […]

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