Microsoft: Expression Web


Microsoft plans on competing with Adobe with their new Expression Studio. So far Expression Web is the only one thats shipping but we’ll keep an eye on this, Also rumored is thier new “flash killer” technology.

Microsoft:Expression Website


4 Responses to Microsoft: Expression Web

  1. 1ndigo says:

    Ur such a fukn nerd

  2. Lunna SS says:

    I think that it would be a good tool for people (like me) who don’t know how to use “flash” or “adobe”…. Don’t you think?

  3. 1ndigo says:

    True… it could be good
    I just hope Microsoft is doing it to make it easier for peeps that are not familiar with the technology, and not just tryn to get a “piece of the pie” and make more money. Not like Bill Gates needs more money.

  4. Ryan C says:

    Mmm… For some reason I won’t bite into this. I personally am not a big fan of Microsoft to begin with, so not crazy about this. I mean, this seems to be a not-(yet)-so-user-friendly software. I could be wrong. All in all, I don’t mean to sound biased, but I’d take an Apple software, such as Aperture, over any similar Microsoft software like this “Expressions:Media” which supports also supports RAW files. After all, it’s my opinion.

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