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If you are like me and forget your name sometimes, this little web 2.0 tool is perfect for you! It does not require any installation and its all serverside so you can share lists, access your list from anywhere & make RSS feeds of your list.

Video of someone easily creating a list



9 Responses to Ta-Da Lists

  1. 1ndigo says:

    Looks usefull. Im so impulsive i created an account
    Then rite when im done i see another service from the same peeps, that has more options and applications. Looks usefull too, but a bit more complicated.
    Its calld BackPack

    Chek it

  2. Izeya says:

    hope this helps u remember ure name “Mr.T”…. that might be somewhat useful to u in the future

  3. X says:

    Now that I downloaded it I just need somthing to help me remember to look at the list…

  4. What X wrote is funny. Where did you hear about this?

  5. Uri says:

    Listigator.com is a newly released list management application which offers some additional unique features that you may find useful. With Listigator you can organize list items into categories, save copies of lists, search your lists and more.

  6. T. says:

    What X wrote is funny. Where did you hear about this?

    Actually a friend of mine told me about it & its been a great help! is really a tool that branched of from a large time management program called Basecamp.

  7. Marz says:

    Basecamp is pretty cool. If you’ve got a sieve for brain like I do and need to manage your university time.. its great. Plus BaseCamp emails you reminders about your todo lists for people like me (lol @ X) that don’t remember to check it …

  8. Nessa says:

    Ta-da list,hmmm….Looks really interesting though, & helpful; especially if u have a bad memory llike some ppl i kno, lol. Very convenient, Never again 4get who…sorry what* u wud like TO DO!… nice!

  9. […] on this place… SO… when I did have time, like a couple of months ago, we used to keep a Ta-da List of cool stuff we found on the net and used it as a queue. That list is still here and with a bunch […]

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