Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles

Naruto Hurricane Chronicles

Get your headbands back out! Its official the Naruto series now re-named, Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles will be coming out of the lame fillers and back to following the original manga story line this February.

Thanks to Tazmo @ for the info.

Update: The show will be airing on the 15th of February.



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  1. Lamel says:

    final-f***ing-ly..?..they should jus taken it off air, thats what i feel and stop wasting good drawing hands on that filler crap, they could prolly be up 2 date in the manga…:|…but anyh00….new naruto is gonna b hawt, cant wait till its finally back and running.

  2. 1ndigo says:

    About FnkTime indeed
    Do you know if its gonna start with Kakashi’s story?
    It would be awesome to see that story animated.
    Thats one of my favs.

  3. 1ndigo says:

    Too bad we have to wait till Feb… havent they made us wait long enough…
    oh the horror!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. T. says:

    Do you know if its gonna start with Kakashiโ€™s story?

    I hope they do!

  5. Ichigo says:

    holy..!! I’ve been dreaming of seeing kakashi gaiden in anime forever….Im about to cry:)

  6. Lamel says: personally think that the kakashi gaiden story should jus b placed as an OVA DVD release…thats me personally…plus its a good way to market ur stuff…well thats what id do tho…cause honestly…ppl who watch american version..could see the dvd online and purchase it..becuase lol…they have a long wait…thanks to the crappy dub.

  7. T. says:

    ***updated*** show will be airing the 15th of February

  8. demon fox says:

    it has been over a year os filers, i cant wait

  9. shukaku says:

    yo i cant believe it!!!! its been 4ever since i heard about it but i never saw it

  10. sarutobi says:

    yo i cant believe it!!!! its been 4ever since i heard about it but i never saw it!!!!!

  11. Marz says:

    Noiceee. Nice to know I’ll be back to 2 doses of bright colored spiky haired action. Ichigo & finally Naruto again

  12. UchihaTiger says:

    Thank GOD!!! I thought I would have to wait 4-EVER for Naruto to come back! All it has been was constant fillers…I hated them. but YAAAAA!!!! Naruto’s back!!! lol

  13. Angie says:


    The fillers were CRAP! Some of them made me want to cry, like the curry one, it made me want to put myself on fire and burn to death.


    don’t wanna wait ’till February though, but I gues we’ll have to.


  14. Maximus says:

    About time!

    i have stopped watching naruto at ep 153 or something, and the last thing i can remember is the naruto vs. sasuke fight.

    so is there really any point of watching the rest of Naruto 1??? or should i just wait for NHC. a lot of episodes for me to catch up :O

  15. T. says:

    so is there really any point of watching the rest of Naruto 1???

    Basically the episodes that are showing right now are Filler Episodes, which mean they don’t follow the original Manga storyline, oh and they Suck.. So i’d wait for the Hurricane Chronicles… I have read all of the new Manga’s so far and its well worth it.

  16. Rafke says:

    The Naruto Vs. Sasuke was the last really good thing in the anime,
    Mainly because that’s where the original Manga ended…. I think to about episode 150 a 160 I could stand the non-manga anime episodes because they followed a Sasuke goes to Orochimaru line…. but after while that went to hell so…
    Never watched the filler episodes , sometimes I’d gave one a try en I just had to stop watching, so bad…
    Any1 saw the one where he uses his rasengan and kage bunshin to make the perfect Ramen or something , for me – with making that episode – they’d hit their ultime low…

    Thank god for the Manga’s new storyline , it’s very good en it’s pretty interesting to see all the characters again , 2 and a half years later…

    Can’t wait for february !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles !!

  17. Peter says:

    i watched all Episodes last month on youtube.
    Fillers = Bad
    NHC = Good

  18. Trevor says:

    Cant wait, ecspecialy for the video games they have for it

  19. PercyAspire says:

    they are finnaly gonna stop the fillers they should just stop them now i mean come on they could show them now but they want us finnish the fillers im tired of them i skipped 45 episode i tried to get into the fillers but they just seem so pointless the manga already catched up but they are like “hey we made and finnished these crappy fillers so watch them and suffer the crappiness of these fillers” and im all like “NEVER” and they are like “oh you will…… will………” and im all “what!?!……get lost” then i made them cry LOL dont get mad at me you wish you can make them cry for making us watch these fillers i mean all of them are pretty much the same i watch the start and i could tell whats its going to be about im sorry for making this so long i just want it to stop with these fillers……..*sigh*

  20. PercyAspire says:

    i feel better………..

  21. Element of wind says:

    I’m like, so, like, i don’t know how to, like, say, like, if whats their name, like, PercyAspire says “like” like, one more time, I”m gunna like, go, like, friggen insane.

  22. T. says:

    LOL, you guys are funny… I can’t wait either, I will do a post when the new episodes begin so you guys can express even more joy.

    Also are you guys reading the Mangas?

  23. 1ndigo says:

    Are the fillers over yet??
    While we wait for the new Chronicles to start,
    you should watch some DEATH NOTE !!!
    Im HOOKD!

  24. Jiraya says:

    i’m so glad that they finally quit with those lousy fillers, they kind of abused the series with that. But now that i’ve heard of the Hurricane Chronicles i can’t wait ’till feburary:P
    Btw Death Note is a great serie indeed:D

  25. gramos says:

    omg, finally! lots of ppl were complaining about the fillers but continued to watch Naruto ๐Ÿ™‚ baka Naruto who doesn’t aquire new skills during the last 60 episodes or more! ๐Ÿ™‚

    well, the fact that we couldn’t give up watching it (not even after starting to watch Bleach ๐Ÿ™‚ ) says something too ๐Ÿ™‚ February is a long way ahead, we’ll see what happens ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. gaara says:

    This is gonna be so awsome hehe i cant wait

  27. ken says:

    Anyone know where I can download and watch any episodes after 213 (need to watch episode 214 and on) If you Do…email me please!!

  28. T. says:

    I don’t think ep 214 has aired yet. But check out they usually have the best info

  29. ragingmon says:

    I’m tired of waiting. But still I’m waiting. Its been years of waiting.. huhuhu

  30. J Man says:

    Finally!!!!!! When NHC Comes out on Febuary im throwing a party all invited ๐Ÿ˜›

  31. Twogunz22 says:

    Do you guys know if Orochimaru took over sasuke’s body or is it going to show all that on NHC

  32. 1ndigo says:

    Do you want us to spoil it?
    The new Chronicles will show a lot of new stuff, and it continues with the original storyline with Naruto and Sakura wanting to help Sasuke among other new storylines.
    Im getting excited and anxious just by telling you.
    Cant wait till it starts!!!

  33. Trine-chan says:

    OMG!! I Just started to watch naruto this summer on youtube. And I must say… after the big fight between naruto and sasuke it has just been boooooooooriiiiiiiing!!!!!!! Can’t wait for febuary….. found out about it today…. YAY XD

  34. Trine-chan says:

    By the way… live in Denmark :-p

  35. Trine-chan says:

    Ummm… Is the naruto movie 3 out on dvd with english sub. yet??
    If it is, please put it on youtube…..! Pleaaase!!!

  36. T. says:

    Trine-chan,If you are familiar with using Bittorrent check out they would have the movie if its out.

  37. JaQ says:

    The Fillers were made so that the manga can catch up with the anime. The anime was progressing too far beyond the menga for the creator’s liking.

  38. Trine-chan says:

    Okay thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

    Merry christmas ๐Ÿ˜€

  39. T. says:

    Hmm.. for all you Bleach fans out there its a rumor that the fillers are ending. I haven’t done a post because this is unconfirmed. but all the Lame Bounto are dead so lets see what happens.

  40. Queen Era says:

    I wonder if sasuke will finally understand that he is a bastard! Also I wonder if sakura will die and if she will finally go out with naruto?

  41. Queen Era says:

    Happy Holidays ppl ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. T. says:

    Im guessing that Sasuke just went with Ochimaru for the power, he won’t let him take his body and when that happens its gonna be a hell of a fight!

    Also Sakura will be useful at some point. and i Hope Naruto gets with Hinata.

  43. T. says:

    By the way guys, hope you all had a good holiday.

    & I hope you guys are enjoying the site!

    …Be sure to check out some of our other posts and also you don’t have to remember to come here everyday just subscribe to our new feedburner RSS feed @

  44. metalsing says:

    can some body bloody well tell me where to veiw NOT DOWNLOAD the hurricane chronicles and im not bilingual

  45. metalsing says:

    Also sakura and in are by the faremost usless people and all this couple bullshit is starting to piss me off it’s nt a bloody chick flick

  46. metalsing says:

    you want a chick flick go rent it off at blockbusters don’t pollute me with it and if your already into that and your a boy God help you again the usless poeple were sakura and ino. for those boys too far into girly things i suggest you listen to metal like iron maiden, metallica, ACDC and T-rex plus for rap 2pac, DMX and Jay-z

  47. 1ndigo says:

    ok… :S
    The Chronicles havent started yet so u cant view them or download them yet.
    They should start on February.

  48. metalsing says:

    well i found website were you can download them but not veiw them

  49. metalsing says:

    and another to the rap list cypress hill there pretty good

  50. 1ndigo says:

    Correct… thats for the Manga.
    But the episodes wont start until Feb.

  51. Trine says:

    If you don’t know, you can read the whole manga on this site:

  52. metalsing says:

    safe bruv and i hope all of you stay of that Naruto porn bullshit

  53. kakazu sucks says:

    i cant wait to see when they show that the akatsuki leader is yondaime (the fourth) also is zetsu a human. wat is the point of kakazu hes just an orochimaru wanabe i think hes a crapy character that is going to come to the show

  54. kakazu sucks says:

    wat is hidans power

  55. kakazu sucks says:

    wat is zetsu does anybody no

  56. holand says:

    naruto sucks balls eureka7 is way better its kiks narutos asss

  57. T. says:

    I know Hidan is apparently Immortal, I don’t know how.. and his ability is to use someones blood to to a ritual which makes him able to inflict pain or mortally wound himself, and since hes immortal his opponent dies instead.

  58. darknite says:

    Lamel, think for a moment, naruto is made for japanese kids first, every where else is an after thought. And Naruto was the number one show in japan so the studio was of course going to milk it for all its worth. Just be glad that its back on track without giving your two cents.

  59. ken says:

    I’ve been watching naruto, bleach and death note and i am at the latest episodes on all of them…is there any other anime thats as good as these i could start to watch??? let me know

  60. T. says:

    Ken, the only other anime I can suggest that was really good (only 24 episodes) is Samurai Champloo. Oh!…And also there’s another on-going series Called Kiba but its just OK.

  61. Prodigy says:

    WHAT THE HELL TOOK THEM SO LONG? If I had to watch one more filler episode…….*shudders and barfs* I was starting to stray to Eureka 7 but now that Naruto has got its freaking head screwed on…I can go back to living in peace- and grunging out in front of my tv….

  62. T. says:

    Oh yeah… i forgot about Eureka 7… that was REALLY good!

  63. T. says:

    Reconfirmation – “Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles, has been given an official air date from an official reliable source, the pages of Shonen Jump. According to the full page ad, a one hour special featuring the characters with their new appearances will be airing on February 15th, 2007. This episode will essentially be a sneak peak of what is to come shortly after the airing of this special. It is thought that this will finally bring about the end of some of the longest fillers in anime history, that have so far stretched 80 episodes since May 25th, 2005. Along with this special, it has been becoming apparent for some time that the second part of the Naruto anime series would be ending soon, with various games announced and being released in the Spring that feature the character from the series’ second part.” – Tazmo @

  64. metalsing says:

    you know some other good mangas are hellsing and vampire hunter d although animes arent my thing these kick ass

  65. metalsing says:

    yo T on the website you gave me to read the hurricane chronicles how do i read episodes before 337

  66. T. says:

    On you have to sign up for membership first (the Free Package) then go to..,manga

    Check under “The Newest Chapters” and everything should be simple from there.

  67. metalsing says:

    i would just like to clarify if the 4rth is naruto dad and he is the leader akatski plz explain

  68. T. says:

    Hmm.. i don’t think thats his dad.. What I believe is the 4th used a certain jutsu to seal the fox within himself and ended up being reborn as Naruto( every one always says Naruto reminds them of the 4th).. but again thats my thoughts.

  69. metalsing says:

    well if the 4rth has been rebourn then he cant be the akatskui leader and if thats the case kakazu sucks is lying about the 4rth being hokage

  70. T. says:

    What #episode or #manga are you refering to Metalsing? Id like to read it just to make sure that i’m not wrong.

  71. metalsing says:

    there are two mangas vampire hunter d which is a movie if you have limewire you can search vampire hunter d bloodlust and check out on youtube type in vampire hunter d movie and it will come in 11 clips each about 9mins long the second is hellsing THIS IS NOT VAN HELSING that was shit hellsing has two lls there are 13 episodes a manga comic carry on some ova’s two special episode theres gonna be three of them and one movie i suggest you get 13 ep two disc set and to get a glimpse of the japanese version youtube type in hellsing OVA

  72. metalsing says:

    correction about wat i typed earlier i meant to say akatskui leader not hokage

  73. Nami says:

    It is about freaking time. i was getting tired of the fillers. the sespence of not knowing what is going to happen was killing me. I was even having night mares. lol

  74. aaw! it’s all right! you know guys, you should have enough patience for this! continuing with the manga and the production of the anime version just take a lot of time! thanks to masashi kishimoto, the master! =D

    goshness! i’m gonna see my beloved sand sibs again! and my orange clad naruto! =D

  75. hey! a co-deviant artist mentioned that they have the preview of the Naruto Shippuden in YouTube.

  76. 1ndigo says:

    I think this is it?
    Found it on youtube

  77. metalsing says:

    shut up sand mistress

  78. T. says:

    Thanks for that Heads up Sand Mistress.
    Thanks for finding that link 1ndigo.
    And Play nice Metalsing.

  79. vegeta says:

    where have ya been watching dat? has it been in japaneese? i want to see Naruto vs Sasuke in English!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Nami says:

    why hasn’t anybody been writing????????????????????

  81. metalsing says:

    Nami may be people arnet writing coz they have a life outside this forum

  82. Sora003 says:

    sasukes comin bak!

  83. nigel says:

    They shold show the same crap as they do in Japan.

  84. metalsing says:

    so call 911 metalsings got a gun

  85. metalsing says:

    so call 911 BIGGIEs got a gun and dre can take a lift to the cemetery rough very were not youre not ordinary we watch ya get beirried, got bored while doing homework

  86. metalsing says:

    and can someone tell me where to veiw saske v naruto in english

  87. Lamel says:

    dont think that ep is out as yet

  88. Nesan Uchiha says:

    the new show is said to be more directly taken from the comics. and the new episodes will probly be coming out slower then usual due to the lack of episode inbetween the begining of the timejump, and the current chapter in the manga. but we can look forward to seeing the new kazekage in action soon

  89. T. says:

    16 Days and counting ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. Yoshi says:

    hahaha…13 days more! And Sasuke vs. Naruto in English isn’t out yet. I don’t think the English versions are even to the 100th episode now. I wonder how strong Naruto is now…at the Hokage level? Maybe he’ll be the Hokage sometime soon.

  91. metalsing says:

    what the hells so funny stupid Yoshi sad life

  92. 1ndigo says:

    yo strike 2…
    Metalsing, play nice.

  93. T. says:

    10 days ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. metalsing says:

    what hapens when it’s strike three not gettin caocky but im curious

  95. 1ndigo says:

    We dont want any trouble or confrontations. Were working on this a a place to come share thoughts, comments and be informed of stuff we like. but there are rules. they are pretty simple.
    1 – no porn (you can send that to T. directly … )
    2 – No extreme use of profanity (a fuck every once in a while never hurts… literally)
    3 – Dont insult other peeps. Thats just not nice
    There are more rules, and weโ€™ll prolly make up a few as we see fit.

    T and I have to keep some kind of order in here. And we try.

    So to answer your Q Metalsing, 3 strikes, youre out. So just play nice.
    In the words of the great Bill & Ted

    Be awesome to each other.

  96. Kieran says:

    hehe 5 more days and counting for the NHC!! come on!! heard of it from mate.. the fillers in the last 1 made me want to break something…

  97. Agoran says:

    Tomorrow it begins…

  98. metalsing says:

    sfe but the threat didnt work is someone says something stupid i will diss em

  99. jake says:

    the fourth hokage is narutos dad and the leader of akatsuki the girl is his mum. naruto shippuden comes out today

  100. metalsing says:

    yeah but why would his mum want to kill him and take his demon

  101. yoly-g says:

    OMG!! sasuke loooked soo hot when he is 15. I can’t wait for the next episode!

  102. mizuro says:

    lol the gara filler is gd and shuupiden episode has a cliff hanger man that was annoying i wanted to see the fight. and if u watched thed fillers there were soem quite gd ones noit all of em were crap ( i found the ramen making one hilaious) but it did get out of hand. and dont spoil the rest of the story line for ppl that dont read the manga plz its annoying.

  103. metalsing says:

    here comes the boom

  104. Trine says:

    YAY its the nxt ep is comming tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜€

  105. Lamel says:


  106. T. says:

    to be honest i didn’t enjoy episode 3 – Even though Naruto and Sakura improved they still don’t seem to be fighting up to the standards i expected.

  107. Lamel says:

    only thing im disappointed about is…they didnt show the other they did in the manga, it was *str8 to fight kakashi scene*

  108. 100% otaku says:

    yahooo!!!!!!! now there 15 and sexier!!!if thats posable…… I’ve seen the first four episodes and i’m watching the fifth!!!!!!!!!! Naruto and Naruto horricane chronicles roxs!!!!!

  109. Brandon says:

    who is narutos mom?

  110. james says:

    where can i watch the 5th naruto episode email

  111. Lamel says:

    i blieve eps 5 hasnt aired this week actually

  112. james says:

    the 5th hurrican chronicales episode i mean

  113. james says:

    oh someone on here posted they were watching the new episode didnt want to miss it

  114. T. says:

    if you been readin the mangas
    Who is Mizugetsu????

  115. Naruto Sucks says:

    Naruto is one of the gayest animes ive ever seen. personally im in to more killing and blood shed not sappy scenes and gay fighting. The fillers = 1/5 stars HC = 0/5 stars

  116. Naruto Sucks says:

    also if u want a better anime watch Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop,Bleach,Lupin the 3rd

  117. 1ndigo says:

    Cowboy Bebop was awesome. Champloo kickd fuking ass. Ichigo is a bad ass.
    Never heard of the 3rd.

    But your comment about naruto… sometimes it kinda drags, but once you get into the story it gets pretty good. Sasuke rules.

    But youre entitled to your opinion.

  118. Naruto Sucks says:

    basically naruto is more of a kids show 10 and under probably

  119. 1ndigo says:

    woa… thats harsh
    what are you… 12?
    i am… lol

  120. animefreak says:

    i agree with naruto s. Ive watched about 80 episodes and found them all to be pretty stale. WHERE HAS ALL THE GOOD ANIME GONE!!!???

  121. metalsing says:

    you dumb as cunt anime freak if you didn’t like it then why the hell watch 80 episodes and naruto isn’t a kids show although it is a bit sappy at some points but how the helll can get you get gay fighting gay people dont fight in the first place its a sick show and the best part of it is narutos characterisation that is the main reason why anybody watches it coz him any situation will most likely be interesting in most of the situations

  122. sasuke says:

    Naruto Hurricane Chronicles looks awsome, canโ€™t wait til feb.

  123. T. says:

    er… we are in April…

  124. Rafke says:


    So , We’re already at episode 9 now.
    I’ve gotta say , I’m pleased that they returned to the Manga story line
    BUT , it feels like they’re dragging the episodes more than in Naruto part 1.
    If you’ve read all the manga’s and compare it to the anime , they sometimes stretch a fight over multiple episodes and it’s just 1 or 2 pages in the manga….
    Bit sad about that , but I am looking forward to some of the upcoming fights. Mostly kakashi’s new and improved MS , the Naruto goes berserk vs Oro fight …

    As long as they don’t start dragging and stretching the fights like DBZ it’ll be allright ๐Ÿ™‚


  125. Lamel says:

    im disappointed..with the new naruto..TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED…ep frikkin 10 and where nowhere..NO-FRIKKIN-WHERE…

  126. 1ndigo says:

    i just stop watching it completely

  127. Lamel says:

    ok so im watching ep 12, and im hype about naruto once again, next week gonna b HAWTTTTTTTTT

  128. T. says:

    Seems like we’ll get some good action for the next few weeks. FINALY

  129. Lamel says:

    i jus watch 13, what a waste of fawking time, schupse

  130. T. says:

    Agreed, its looking like a dbz style fight they are gonna stretch the shit out of it.

  131. Lamel says:

    ok so its official after this weeks ep of naruto …ive finished my bleach hiatus…and im gonna start back downloading bleach….i need some action..naruto isnt doing that…B.L.E.A.C.H!

  132. Wendy says:

    snif! I actually cant believe that Gaara died!!! You guys are cruel. I cant even accept the fact that he died. And in the Naruto Hurrican Chronicles…. snif…. Uzumaki Naruto is gonna die!!!! That is even more sadder. snif. I actually am crying! I cant wait too that the movie goes out but….. I am soo gonna cry. and………. actually…….. right know, i am already crying! Let me tell you something…….. Lamel………. ok? YOu say that Bleach is much more…….. or has more action than Naruto! But YOu are WRONG!!!! I have my own thoughts…… but you dont have to say that it has more actions. Some people think it aint true.. and thats what i say!!!! IN naruto shippuuden….. you gonna see how well they are and…… now……. how HOT they are. Especially Gaara, Neji, and Naruto. And Sasuke too of course. But seriously…….. I still stay negative about Gaara’s and Naruto’s death. It is so unfaire. Well… that is my oppinion anyways. I love them sooo much.Well….. GO FOR NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. T. says:

    Wendy, Naruto is a great anime but since the hurricane chronicles its seems to be getting drawn out somewhat like DBZ. im not saying naruto sucks im just saying it used to be better… and right now BLEACH is kicking ass action wise but we’ll see if it evens out.

    PS – the current Naruto Mangas kicks ass! Go Sasuke!!!!

  134. Lamel says:

    hmmm, Wendy..chillax, we all have our own opinions about what anime we like, and in this case..bleach seems to more action packed than naruto, thats all..ive read the manga, so i guess thats y i think the naruto isnt that action filled right now, thats prolly y, but…jus continue watch, last week ep was actually fullfilling i wasnt bored at all in ep 16, so maybe its getting better…slowly…but surely….

  135. Demon 4ever says:

    y do they mak us wait i bet every1 is already goin crazy right now i kno i am i cant wait any longer its driving me ensane. wat if when the hurricane chronicles jus got put on but they hav to cancel the show because they got so many complants about it. if that happened every1 would go crazy and there would be angry moobs everywhere and would be in 1. lol………………. im serious. but let them take there time but not to long because we will be waiting everywhere


  136. Gaara from the sand says:

    Well it is coming out soon but u now i already got that movie on my computer ๐Ÿ˜› its awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

  137. T. says:

    Gaara from the sand do you have a subbed version?

  138. Lamel says:

    *pimp slaps naruto hurricane chronciles* GET BETTTTTTTTTER

  139. ryan says:

    I am just like wendy. It IS SOO SAD! I AM CRYING! WAAAA WAAA WAAAAA! AWW MAN!!!!!

  140. diabolical says:

    um its naruto Shippuden not Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles… Naruto Hurricane Chronicles is the 4th movie. Get it right

  141. Naruto says:

    no it does not start with Kakashi’s story, 1ndigo.

  142. 1ndigo says:

    by this point its kinda obvious…
    but thanx

  143. fdz says:

    awesome what year 2008?

  144. Relic says:

    actually shippuden’s direct translation is Hurricane chronicles

    the fourth movie is just simple named Naruto hurricane chronicles the movie or naruto ahippuden the movie

  145. 2sick2cure says:

    hey, i don’t know how all you’ll imbicles are so behind on everything. first of all, in the dubb episodes that play here in america, naruto sounds so gay. you might as well do like me and watch the japaneese subbed versions. besides it is way ahead of the dubbed it is as of this week all the way into the 41st episodes of the shippuden episodes after the two years. the manga its self is way ahead of the ones available in dubb. you can watch the episodes online (streaming) at you can also read or download the manga online at at your convineance. bleach is also a anime i highly recomend to view. the subbed is as well, way ahead of the dubb but it is better than the naruto dubb atleast they sound realistic! the naruto Shippuden movie comes out next year online. and for your information naruto’s father is the fourth, the reason his name is not a known clan in the village is because he is using his mother’s last name who is from whirlwind contry. he has his mothers appraoch to life and his father’s looks. Atkatsi’s leader’s name is pain.

  146. tawfiq says:

    thxx thats emazing

  147. Kai says:

    huh?…… is it a manga or a movie????…..

  148. Phoenix says:

    Shut-up! I Like Naruto just the way it is!

  149. T~Dubz says:

    Can kakashi put the nine tails fox in naruto three tails in a genjutsu with sharrigun P.S. the fox is in control?

  150. Trinchen says:

    And they’re on with the fillers again.. I’m kinda getting sick of them ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  151. T. says:

    Dattebayo has stopped subbing Naruto… Read More

  152. T. says:

    We are done with these Mini fillers my friends

  153. utube says:

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  154. xiongrey says:

    I don’t know about you guys….but I am a little confused…they haven’t dubbed naruto in like 3 months. and hurricane chronicles is not dubbed yet. WTF!???

  155. Naruto201 says:

    amg cant wait for this to come out :O

  156. john says:

    you guys are all idiots you don’t even know how to spell properly you are all motherfuckers

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