Wii are the champions?



Nintendo, the leader in innovation might have done it again with the their new system the Wii. While Xbox 360 and Ps3 boast power the Wii has a nunchaku…. *Wataa!*. But with a processor which has about 1/10th the power of an Xbox 360, Why are they leading this next gen console war? $249 price tag to start & with innovation my friend! this is the first gaming system thats gonna get you up off your ass and make you do something!

The Controllers


This is what makes the Wii appealing to all, Even if you are a newbie the Wii-Mote is easy enough for anyone to pick up and start playing & for the more advanced player it adds another level of game play especially with the awesome titles like Zelda and Red Steel.
Any Online?

Yea, its called the Wii Channel which includes a forecast channel that will report local weather forecast information updated over the Internet and a news channel that will display the latest news information. Built-in applications include the photo channel, which will let Wii owners view and edit photos stored on an SD memory card, and the Wii message board, which will let people leave messages for each other on the Wii system. Also for a some Wii currency points you can get the Opera web browser. I havent seen much about online play though.

Technical stuffs

CPU: IBM Broadway (no detailed specs) GPU: ATI Hollywood (no detailed specs) Max Resolution:480p Others include: WiFi, 512mb internal memory & Backwards compatibility with all the old Nintendo system games.

Well to wrap this up i’ll say nintendo did a great job with this system, they arent for crazy technical specs. They followed the tradition of making a gaming system for GAMING, which is the way it should be, while Xbox and ps3 are losing money on the systems the Wii is kicking ass in sales which means more money to experiment in the future.

Official Us Site Wii.com

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8 Responses to Wii are the champions?

  1. 1ndigo says:

    Good post bro… looks like you did your homework… u nerd

    Ive always been a Nintendo fan, specially the ZELDA series.
    That game looks awesome and the gameplay looks fun

    Chek It

  2. T. says:

    Zelda does look like fun! hmm.. I might just buy a Wii for Xmas.

  3. T. says:

    Fun fact here showing how many of each console has been sold…

  4. Desmond says:

    Hi All Experts,I need help…
    1. what kind of cables does the Wii come with?
    2. Is there a VGA-adapter coming out anytime soon?
    3. If i use the s-video cable, will the remote still sense the screen on which my projector projects the image onto?
    Cheers and thanks in advance.

  5. Gil says:

    Desmond, I’ll answer what I can.

    1. The Wii comes with Composite cables standard.

    2. I don’t know of any VGA-adapter coming out for the Wii. Although it would be nice!

    3. Never used a projector for a console. I couldn’t answer that one. Also since the Wii comes with a sensor bar that is placed either above or below the display, a projector may not be the best choice even if it would work. The cord to the sensor bar is rather short.

  6. ~H~ says:

    wii is fun!:)

  7. 1ndigo says:

    in tribute to the WII i give you Ze’s point of view…

    Check it

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