Ze Frank

Ze Frank redesigned his page for “The Show”

Chek it

Interested?? you can read a lil more

For those of you who dont know who Ze Frank is, I think its time u get to know him.
T sent me the link to this veed of a guy that had a daily vlog and wanted me to chek him out… so i did.
From that day i hevent missed one ep. He talks a lil about everything. He is too funny to explain. just go to his page and see The Show and youll see what i mean.

Here’s are a couple of my Fav eps:

5-15-06 “hindsight, tired, delta”
9-18-06 “Happy Week”


4 Responses to Ze Frank

  1. teophilus says:

    Yup the show is awesome! this should be the second site you go to everyday (inkdrop being first of course). Many props to Swamp for sharing Ze Frank site with us.

  2. Izeya says:

    yup! ZeFrank is greeeeat! probably the funniest thing T ever shared! definitely a “show” not to miss!!!

  3. […] is it for one of our fave Video casts. The Show with Ze Frank is coming to an end, this being its final week of broadcast. Lets enjoy the last few episodes we […]

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