Dive deep into the space, eat and EVOLVE
Thats all you have to do in this game created by Jenova Chen. Its a pretty simple concept really… Youre this life form that has to eat other life forms to evolve. When you have eaten all that there is to eat, go deeper into space and eat some more. But watch out, cause you can be eaten too.
The simplicity of this game makes it addictive and hell lots of fun. You can play it online or download it to your computer… just go with the flow

Chek it

If you like his game, you should take some time and chek what other games his working on.
Theres one called CLOUD witch you can download to your PC and even a FLoW version for the new PS3.
You can see some veeds at GameSpot
and visit Jenova Chen’s Blog for more info.


7 Responses to FLoW…

  1. teophilus says:

    Umm…Addictive!!!! i had 6 legs or something then i closed the window by accident!!! most fun i had with flash in awhile there.

  2. teophilus says:

    hmm…. i checked out Spore.. I wonder who ripped who off..they operate the same way n stuff.. oh well. I got Pwned by a large triangular thing in flOw and now im not a happy panda!


    PS. we should work on a game called spOOge, where you are a little sperm venturing in the depths of…. well u get the idea :p

  3. 1ndigo says:

    FLoW Rulz…
    I chekd SPORE and it looks interesting and it goes beyond what FLoW was intended to do. FLoW is meant to be simple, but in SPORE you evolve beyond.
    I loved the Sims, and since this comes from the sames peep… IM IN!

  4. X says:

    Both look badass, but Flow is crazy addictive. Love how simple the concept is and the art, Flow just…well flows.

    I played for a while and evolved into a stingray looking thing 🙂

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