Last.FM Relaunch!

Last FM relaunched on tuesday boasting 65 million songs from 7 million artists with some cool new features. Now you can hop on the site, type in your favourite artist and it creates a radio station for you to listen to with similar artists for you to check out!. Also what I really like about this site is the web 2.0 ease of use, and the large user community which transform’s this from a simple site with artists and songs to a “music-wiki” on its own keeping everything up to date, you can even purchase concert tickets through the site (yup they thought of eveything). So if you love music you should definitely bookmark this site.


5 Responses to Last.FM Relaunch!

  1. 1ndigo says:

    I didnt know if this place. Seems usefull and a good place to hear new music.
    Im guessing they fing what relates to your pick using tags? sounds rite…
    Ill chek it today while i work and let you know what i think…
    Cool find my friend

  2. teophilus says:

    Wow, i felt like i gave that post no justice.. the more I explore the site the more cool features I keep finding. To truly appreciate this site you have to have to Sign up and download the free Tools!! …umm why are you still here? go do it!!

    PS… my user profile

  3. 1ndigo says:

    And I was rite. Its cool how it works. You can search by tags of by artist name and a station is created with similar tags/artist.
    And like T said, to really enjoy and be able to take full advantage of the tools and features you need to create a user.
    They also have a player you download to you computer… sweet.
    If you guys go there give me a shout… look me up fools!!!

  4. experienceaurie says:

    i love the music library on lastfm. i will certainly consider joining after just learning about it through your post i read.

  5. Nunya says:

    so when will i be able to wukup now?

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