Info Rings

Info Rings

Info rings..hmm interesting yet ingenious concept. Each of the rings stores the wearer’s personal information, so when a handshake puts two rings close together they exchange the stored info, making small talk and introductions unnecessary. All you need to do is shake hands, then you can study up on your new “friend” later at your convenience.

I see 3 ways of this being useful:
Scenario #1: In the future we skip the shouting in eachothers ears, Guy:”HEY CAN I GET YOUR NUMBER?”, Girl:”WHAT DID YOU SAY?”(we’ve all been there)..this way if she likes you, you get a handshake simple :).

Scenario #2: You are a perv and you try to get as close to the chick’s Info Ring as you can :p.

Scenario #3: Personally I forget people’s name exactly 3.2 seconds after they give it to me, with this when I meet a client it;s one less thing i have to worry about.


4 Responses to Info Rings

  1. 1ndigo says:

    It seems an insecure way to have your personal info out there. just by a shake? … hmmm … weird.
    Oh, and I know T really wants it for scenerio 2… u perv

  2. 1ndigo says:

    Dood… no one really cared about your lil post about the nerd ring… geek

  3. Marz says:

    LOL @ Scenario 3. Judging from the precise calculation measured in seconds. I know for sure Teon wrote this… hahaha

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