Ankla Rulez!!!


I love music. But its not often I recomend you listen to a band. But with these guys you cant really go wrong.
ANKLA from California are gonna kick your ass with raw power. While borrowing traditional elements from thrash, death and hardcore metal, the band still explores and incorporates some of the Latin flava!!!
You can get their latest release STEEP TRAILS in most stores. If your a lazy bastard you can always download it form iTunes, but I really recommend you buy the CD. The artwork done by our friend Angel Resto is a piece of art by itself.
So get up, Buy the CD and Kick someone ass… please



6 Responses to Ankla Rulez!!!

  1. teophilus says:

    I agree Ankla Rulez! i saw em in concert not to long ago they ROCKED!! RAWR!!!!!


  2. 1ndigo says:

    Ill prolly upload a veed of the show we saw them in.
    ROCK ON!!

  3. Rodney says:

    Ankla rocks!! i went to one of there concerts they stole the show from the more named bands haha

  4. Lamel says:

    yeah, me again yeh LAMEL…rite im a fan of music too ^o), heard 2 songs from ANKLA…honestly didnt like them on first listen, but they grew on me, i need to get a copy of the album the fully digest their music, and TEON SAID I WOULDNT LIKE THEIR STYLE….>|.

  5. […] @ OzzFest Ankla will be on board for this year’s OzzFest. Joining Ankla on second stage will be close friends […]

  6. […] all know ANKLA kicks fucking ass. So now lets spread the chaos. Angel, the artist that created the amaizing CD Cover artwork, contacted me to work with him on creating an eCard to promote Ankla. You know I jumped right in to […]

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